Futurelab: Kinder und Jugendliche

Have fun and work together while learning about planting, harvesting and eating homegrown vegetables.

This project aims to bring community members together to grow produce using sustainable gardening techniques.

Auf anfrage machen wir kleine Wanderungen entlang der Mur mit Pony. Spuren lesen, Pflanzen bestimmen, Knotenkunde und picnicen wie Cowboys oder optionell andere coole Typen – chacun a son gout.

Der respektvolle Umgang mit unser Huzulenstute Gadinka ist uns dabei sehr wichtig, dann macht sie auch alles mit; striegeln, bemalen, reiten oder führen-je nachdem, wieviel sich das Kind zutraut.

Gadinka: ruhige Huzulenstute

If you want to practice in the high art of Hendldressur, feel free, there are enough available.

On 26 October 2016, 22 chickens moved into “gemeinsan  garteln”. They were spared their fate from the soup factory, and  they quickly recovered on their pastoral pastures, especially when they are sleeping in comfortable places, and provided with first-class food.

Mandatory stables and the upcoming new garden season means also  new accomodations- this time in a real Chicken Coop, of course also time in the field.

EXTRA:  For 10 euros you can adopt your own chicken! For this you receive a document, eggs and you support us with the construction of the coop and nutrition.