Students in Residence

30 to 0 in 2 hours……..degrees celcius  that is!  Jarrel, a University of the West Indies student from Trinidad & Tobago, attending the  Graz University Summer School at Seggau Castle, and being hosted for a week by the Austrian Caribbean Initiative, had since his childhood  the desire to see snow.

One might think that in the middle of summer, that to be an impossible task, but thanks to Planai & Hochwurzen Bahnen, Martin Zeringer and Bernadette Pollin, Jarrels dream came true.


Upon learning of Jarrels longing to experience snowy weather, we utilized the power of social media, through out Faceebook page Austrian Caribbean Initiative. We posted a call for assistance; “Attention attention! Question: We have an exchange student from Trinidad and Tobago as a guest. He is until  Sunday in Austria and  Jarrell has never seen snow. Is there someone who would have the time and inclination to visit a glacier with him?

A prompt response from Planai & Hochwurzen, set the mission into motion. so with  a quick hop on a bus from Graz, Jarrel was on his way to his “Winter Wonder Land”, in the middle of summer.

After an exhilarating  trip up the mountain on the Dachstein Panorama Gondola, built entirely of glass ascending 1,000 metres in six minutes at a speed of 43 km/h, the adventure began.

The Dachstein Sky Walk, the most spectacular viewing platform in the Alps, with views outwards and downwards, presented before him an unforgettable mountain panorama.

The Stairway to Nothingness was a truly memorable experience, taking him down 14 narrow steps onto a glass platform at a vertigo-inducing height.

Dachstein Ice Palace, a seductive and mystical world of ice and snow, deep inside the Dachstein glacier, accessed from the Dachstein suspension bridge, Austria’s highest suspension bridge with  an unrestricted line of sight 400 metres downwards.


“Jon Snow …The King of The North”…who?

But of course, the main purpose of the adventure was fulfilled, Jarrel saw and felt snow!

“Had a truly unforgettable experience today, never saw snow before but many thanks to Planai & Hochwurzen and  the Austrian-Caribbean Initiative for making one of my childhood dreams a reality. You guys are amazing! Danke schön!!!”, Jarrell.