Cocoa Theater & Workshop

If you have never been to the islands, fear not, we bring the islands to you. The sights, the sounds, the real picture, and the side the average traveller never sees. We bring the jungle to you in an authentic tale from the heart of the islands. Immerse yourself in a cocoa farm surrounded by the rain forest, with pleasant island rhythms and meet the locals.

Engage in workshops revolving around nature, arts and culture, environmental issues, history, geography, language and much more. The main topic of the workshop is the production of cocoa in the Caribbean. The tale dwells on the working conditions of cocoa pickers and farmers, and then displays the positive implications acquired from utilizing sustainable practices.

Depicted is the battle farmers face as they battle the harsh fauna and flora and fauna, and then repel the threat from unfair business practices.

The production explains in detail, the conditions under which cocoa is produced and processed into chocolate.The audience is also informed of the value of the clean organic practices that entail the production of the comparatively expensive Fair Trade products and are drawn into the process, so that they are aware of their responsibility at the next purchase.

The audience is actively guided to look for a sustainable label on foods and products, and thus being able to make an informed, responsible purchasing choice in the future.


The problem of unfair and unsafe farming practices. Combat the plantation mode! An appreciation of what it takes to produce cocoa!

How is it like for people who live in the lands where you take your vacation? Why should you care?

Chocolate! Everybody loves chocolate!