Austro-caribbean initiative goes fashion…. Und mischen auch die Fashion Welt auf!


In the latest project we have teamed up with a great designer from the Caribbean Dayle Angus of  ‘house of abeje’ for the so-called ‘fashion pas-de-deux’ and upcycled costumes and flowing nautical designs.

The collection will be PRESENTED in the spring of 2018 in Austria and Tobago. You can be excited..
Designer: Dayle Angus „House of Abeje“
Dayle has worked in various areas of the industry and most recently with Brian Macfarlane in his recent contribution of Cazabon: The Art of Living. She also released her collection Et. Al. under her brand LINKAGE at the Tobago Fashion Coda 2017 installment.
With a solid point of view, Dayle strives to fulfill and project beauty, luxury, passion, diversity and formidability through her designs.