About us

The Austrian Caribbean Initiative is a non-profit organization, with the stated goal to promote interaction between the European Union (EU), focus on Austria, and the Caribbean Forum (CARIFORUM), focus on English speaking Caribbean states in terms of sustainable development.

In 2012 we conducted a workshop at the Step-Up International School in Signal Hill, Tobago. During our workshop, the children “Upcycled” empty drink bottles into upside down hangers, in which they planted seedlings provided by a  farmer.

In Austria public impressions of the Caribbean, mainly focus on the Dominican Republic and Cuba, and thus are therefore mostly associated with Latin American influences. The English speaking islands possess very different cultural expressions.

This being the case we seek to primarily promote the culture and heritage of the West Indies. Our goal is also to sensitize the general population to the plight of the developing world, foster interest in cooperation and to lay an approach to solutions to these issues through our workshops.

The organization  provides “barrier-free” guidance and development assistance by providing access to education, art and culture (if possible) without barriers. The selection criteria for our program are characterized by high quality and ethical credibility.

For this, we operate our own “futurelab”, which is especially interested in forward-looking trends in technology, health and lifestyle. As trendscouts, we can identify, test, support and develop promising projects. Spontaneously, there are the financial, physical or mental hurdles that keep us from doing what we really want. 

At the moment we are still growing and it is our desire to be able to market our concerns professionally by locating necessary sponsors and project partners.